What is child sponsorship?

Child sponsorship is a program that connects one child from Huruma Children's Home with one compassionate person or family.  Becoming a sponsor means giving a child the chance to grow up healthy, educated and safe – forever changing his or her life and future. You will most definitely be changed, too!


Why should I sponsor a child through the Hope for Huruma Foundation?


Every child deserves a hope and a future.  When you sponsor a child at Huruma Children's Home, you provide for basic needs that would go unmet if not for the care they receive there.


What does my financial gift provide?


Will my sponsorship connect me with a specific child?


Can I make pledge of support without sponsoring a specific child?


What happens once I've decided to sponsor a child?


How can I keep updated about what is happening with my sponsored child and the Huruma community?


Can a child have more than one sponsor?


Can I gift a sponsorship?


Can I cancel my sponsorship?


Can I write to my sponsored child?


What should I include in my letter to my sponsored child?


What if my sponsored child is too young to read or write?


Can I visit my sponsored child?


How can I learn about my sponsored child's history?


What do I do if my sponsored child contacts me directly?


What do I do if my sponsored child asks me to send them cash or help them with a specific need outside of the sponsorship?


How much does sponsorship cost?


Is my support tax deductible?


What's the best way to pay for my sponsorship?


How do I change the method of payment for my sponsorship?


How do I update my credit card information?


How will I be contacted if my support is interrupted?


Will I receive a tax receipt for my sponsorship?


What happens when my child "ages out" of Huruma?

When you become a sponsor, the Hope for Huruma Foundation does not give your donation directly to your sponsored child, rather we combine your monthly support with the support of other sponsors to help meet the needs of all of the children at the home. Through the combined support, we are able to help fund the cost of food, shelter, care, and education.

Food: Your gift helps cover the cost of food. Huruma provides three nutritious meals each day. The children also enjoy 1 to 2 breaks per day where they are served tea, porridge, or other snacks depending on their age.

Shelter: Your gift enables Huruma to maintain a safe, secure school campus as well as dormitories for the children.

Care: Your gift makes it possible for the children to receive medical care and provides for their day-to-day needs, such as clothing and school uniforms.

Education: Huruma provides education beginning in the nursery through high school. Your gift provides the school at Huruma with teachers, textbooks, and other supplies.


Yes.  As an individual child sponsor, you have the opportunity to choose a specific child and to communicate and establish a relationship with your child via email. While you build this one-on-one relationship, your monthly support, combined with support from other caring sponsors, will benefit the children in your sponsored child’s community.


Absolutely.  Click here to set up your pledge today: DONATE NOW


About 10 days after you start your child sponsorship, you’ll receive a welcome letter with information about how to correspond with your sponsored child.  Soon after, usually within 4-6 weeks, you’ll receive a letter or drawing from your sponsored child.

Your online account will be periodically updated with a new photo of your sponsored child.


View and/or edit your sponsorship details here:  Click here to view or change your sponsorship profile

Become a pen-pal with your sponsored child.  They love it when you correspond with them!  E-mail your sponsored child at

Subscribe to Huruma Children’s Home’s monthly newsletter.  If you are not already receiving it, you can email the Home’s sponsorship coordinator, at 

LIKE and follow Hope for Huruma Foundation’s Facebook page and Instagram account.

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Your sponsored child may have more than one sponsor.  The cost of caring for a child at Huruma Children's Home varies depending on the age of the child, his or her medical or other special needs, as well as other considerations.  We combine your monthly support with the support of other sponsors to provide for the entire Huruma Children's Home community.  Your personal relationship with your sponsored child will develop based on your pen pal relationship.


 Absolutely.  Child sponsorship is a beautiful gift.  When you are setting up a new sponsorship and want to assign it to another person, please contact us at


Sponsorship is an entirely voluntary, ongoing relationship that supports our critical work with the vulnerable children at Huruma Children's Home. There is no contract involved, and you can cancel at any time.  We understand that financial situations can and do change. However,  we encourage sponsors to view their support as a long-term commitment.


Yes!  He or she will love to hear from you and to learn about you and your family.  A pen pal relationship can be greatly rewarding to both you and your sponsored child.


Your child would love to know about your life, your work (or education), and your faith. 

 Here are some tips for your correspondence and some ideas for topics you may want to share about:

Use simple words and phrases, especially for younger children.

Describe the country, city, or town where you live, the climate in your area and what your surroundings look like during different seasons.

Include interesting stories your interests and hobbies.

Invite your children to write to your sponsored child and share about the school they attend and what a typical day in their life looks like.
Celebrate the differences between you and your sponsored child and appreciate the diversity of his/her culture.

Share about the customs and traditions of your country, the holidays you celebrate, the types of food you enjoy, etc.

Send photographs of yourself and your family.


If your sponsored child is too young to read, your letter will be read to him or her by Huruma's sponsorship coordinator.

If he or she is too young to write, you may receive a picture instead of a letter.


We would love for you and your family to have the opportunity to meet your sponsored child on one of Hope for Huruma Foundation’s short-term mission trips.  E-mail us at if you would like more information!


We believe strongly in protecting your sponsored child's privacy.  For basic information about their personal stories, please contact


We live in an electronic age where it is very easy to connect across social media, email, apps such as "WhatsApp," etc.  If your sponsored child contacts you directly, please encourage them to use the pen pal process as the sole means to communicate with you.  Please contact us at if this occurs.


Because cash can make children a target in economically deprived areas, sponsors cannot send money directly to children.  However, additional monetary gifts to support canteen purchases, school field trips, the purchase of toiletries for Huruma's teenagers,  etc. are always appreciated.

If you wish to help your sponsored child’s community with an extra gift, please visit your online account.

Click here to view or change your sponsorship profile choose the “My Children” tab, view your child, and then choose “Give a special gift.”


We recommend $40 per month for primary aged children and younger.  An $80 sponsorship for high school students is helpful due to the higher costs incurred for their care and education.  However, ANY AMOUNT helps!  We welcome regular or one time support in any amount you are able to give.


Yes.  When you sponsor a child, you will have access to an online history of your recurring giving.  You will also receive an annual statement each year at the email address you have provided.  Your annual statement will arrive by email by January 31 of each year.  For specific, tax-related questions about your charitable giving, we encourage you to contact your tax advisor.


You can pay for your sponsorship in a variety of ways, including through a recurring credit card  or EFT payment using our online system.  For other options including wire transfers or personal checks, please email us at


You may receive an automated email or be contacted by one of Hope for Huruma's staff.


You will have access to an online history of your recurring giving.  You will also receive an annual statement each year at the email address you have provided.  Your annual statement will arrive by email by January 31 of each year.  For specific, tax-related questions about your charitable giving, we encourage you to contact your tax advisor.


 Once your sponsored child finishes high school, he or she typically spends the next year in "transition."  Many of the children in transition work at the home for Mama Zipporah while they experience life outside Huruma and prepare for further education.  We recommend you continue your support during transition to cover a portion of the salary they earn.  A partnership between Mama Zipporah and the nonprofit, Leigh's Mission, through the Hands to Home project, which began in 2014 has developed a program to help prepare Huruma graduates for a successful life outside the walls of Huruma.